Handmade West African Arts and Crafts Curated by Malika Beraud since 1988   

Woven textiles can be found all over West Africa. Each country has a cloth representing their stature - from the extravagant Kente cloths worn by royalty and at funerals in Ghana, to the rich embroidered textiles of Nigeria, the heavily brocaded damask cotton of Senegal, Mud cloth, Indigo and multi coloured wedding blankets from Mali, and Korhogo from Ivory Coast. These cloths are woven in narrow strips from 100% cotton, then sewn together before dyeing or painting as in the case of mud cloth and korhogo to form the design or pattern. Mud cloth, also known as Bogolofini is used in Mali for hunting tunics, probably because the colours act as a camouflage, and more recently it has been used in costumes for performers. The mud is usually kept for a whole year before using to "season". Kola nut is often used as well as a red/ochre dye. In the West it has become fashionable for wall hangings and furnishings. Korhogo wall hangings depict masked dancers and animal spirits that have been used in ceremonies particular to this village for centuries. Korhogo is located in Northern Ivory Coast.


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