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furniture & Artefacts

Wood furniture & Artefacts

Wood is used extensively for instruments, furniture, carvings and games, but fundamentally for survival in the bush where it is used for cooking fires and made into charcoal to sell in the towns, as well as to form enclosures around land to prevent animals destroying the crops which is a great hazard for the farmers.



Wooden Plates

small  £9.95

large £12.95                                                                 

  Tuareg milking  bowls £59

Table and Stool from Ivory Coast

£ 150 & £75

  'Avocat' chairs from Ivory Coast


      Cow horn spoons from Madagascar  £16.

     Salad Servers £19.95  


 H46cm x W32cm.  £52.00

 H61cm x W43cm. £120

 Dogon Horseman Door Lock

H40cm x W16cm   £140


 Bambara Stool £49. SOLD


 Lazy Chairs. Very good for posture & bad backs. 

 £55.00 small chair. £125.00 large chairs

 Dogon Chairs.   £150 each or £250 the pair.

71cm x 450cm x 63cm

 H70cm x W52cm. £350


 £695.00   H170cm x W83cm


Percussion Intruments & Kora

Re-cycled Tin products

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Wood furniture & Artefacts


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