Handmade West African Arts and Crafts Curated by Malika Beraud since 1988   

Malika Creation


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                              Malika Creation Bead Jewellery :                                                   
Each necklace is individually made, inspired by the colours & textures of the beads that I have collected on my travels.  The beads are mainly from Mali, Uganda & Ghana.

 Glass beads, Recycled magazine beads, and Patte de Vert beads with Bronze & Seed Pod centre pieces

   M1.       £24 (Sold)               M2.    £28 set.                 M3.      £24

                                          can be sold seperately


  M4.       £24               M5.    £24  (sold)              M6.     £22                M7.      £28 


                      M8.  £19.50                     M9.  £19.50                    M10.   £19.50



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